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New revolutionary medical method
for accelerated wound healing

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Treatment of wounds makes up
4% of global healthcare cost.
We will cut that in half with
our revolutionary
UV-C LED technology.

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The Problem

Prolonged wound healing causes incapacitation of hospitals. Typically, up to 40% of the beds are occupied because of incurred wounds.

Management of wounds takes up over half of all patient care resources.

4% of surgical interventions become infected.

Chronic wounds are strongly correlated with age.

Disease states such as diabetes have a surprisingly high association with wounds. In Europe 20.2 million people and in the US 29 million people have diabetes, a figure predicted to rise by 37% over the next two decades.

Wounds account for almost 4% of total health care costs, and this proportion is increasing.

Hospitalisation itself is the main cost driver for wound care for the system. Bed-days are typically evaluated at €250 per day.

The Solution

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Value proposition

75% faster healing time of all wounds comparing to the traditional wound care
Reducing the amount of amputations needed
Reducing the need to use of Antibiotics by 40%
more than 50% reduction of expenses

Patients: Faster recovery, no amputation, no scaring, Short treatment times (1-5 min)
Healthcare providers: More capacity through reduced bed-occupancy in hospitals
Less and shorter homecare visits
Employer: Less and shorter sick leaves
Payers: big savings in cost through all above

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The Solution

Low powered LED generated Ultraviolet light type C accelerates wound healing caused by surgery or injuries (e.g. CTS)

New Patented Technology: UV-C LEDs combined with quartz-glass fiber-optical-technology is safe, sustainable and easy to apply

Faster healing and less scaring than with the traditional wound care.
UV-C is antibacterial and antiviral

Even in some cases no surgery needed

Why is UV-C critically important for
wound care?

Savings for society due to much quicker healing

After a surgery wound scaring is minimal when treated with UV-C due to the fact that the wound will heal from the bottom up.

UV-C is Anti-viral and Anti-bacterial. Reproduction capability of virus and bacteria is stopped by UV-C

In many cases no surgery is needed when treated with UV-C; e.g. tennis elbow, lipomas, pinched nerves, cut wounds and operation wounds


Main Applications

Wound care (surgical, ulcers, amputation)

Faster healing

None or minimal scarring compared to traditional methods

Antibacterial treatment of wounds and skin



Secondary Applications

Non-invasive treatment of injuries

CTS (Carpal Tunnel Syndrome)

Tennis Elbow

Client Target Groups

Wound treatment facilities in general hospitals and health care centers

Wound treatment centers

Physiotherapy practices

Surgical practices

Cosmetic surgery practices

Elderly care facilities

Veterinary surgeries

The Team







The Advisory Team

Dr. Kuronen

Scientific Advisor

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